Politicians and Common People

I don’t claim to be a scholar. I merely approach things from a common sense view. That is to say …if I look at all sides of things that I can see, and it seems logical then I accept that as a best answer.

I have never affiliated with any political party. My view is this. THERE IS NO PLACE IN GOVERNMENT FOR POLITICS. When we elect a Republican or Democrat the party dictates what line should be taken on certain matters. The Democrats have their pet projects. The Republicans have their pet projects. It is a constant struggle of pet projects. But do these pet projects include what is best for the country or for select companies, groups, etc.

I can not think of any member of Congress, Senate or actually anyone in power who is not really wealthy compared to most common people. I did read about one man elected to Congress several years ago from a small district. It said the man’s net worth when elected was around $25,000 By the end of his term his net worth was closing in on 1 million dollars.

In school we were taught. Government of the PEOPLE, By The People, For the People. To me it seems that has revolved to Government of the People, By the Wealthy, For the Wealthy.

The wealthy and influential people have so many loopholes in Taxes for example that we the common people do not have. The people on Capital Hill and even at the State Level have no idea of the real world. The way they look at things are To use an example of the rises in gas prices. I don’t know how many have investments or ties to the gas industry but i’ll bet it is considerable. The way these wealthy politicians look at things is “I can afford it, if you can’t that is your problem.” Meanwhile they are getting richer from their investments.

So many of these people stay in office for too long. I don’t think the founders of our country USA ever intended for the people who represent us to make it a career. It was meant to be a service to support and bring the wishes of the people to light. Then make decisions as to how best meet these issues. But do these people who in many cases do not even reside in the area they represent. They may maintain a residence there. But spend very little time there. they have no real day to day contact with the common person. When and if they visit their home area they surround themselves with the influential and rich. They do not see the struggling that common folk are going through. So they think everyone is as they are. Anyone who is struggling is a minority. Surprise We who are struggling in this time of economic depression, are the MAJORITY, silent though we may be. Silent only because our cries land on deaf ears.

WE THE PEOPLE need to find a way to put our peers in the offices. So we may be represented and Not just the wealthy and Big Business.

I am in favor of term limits. Thus inspiring our representatives to do their best to fulfill their obligations to the electors, return to civilian life and not make a Career of Ruling our Country.

Mind you this is only my opinion based on what I see as the truth.

And thus ends my first views From The Middle.

That Is How I See It.

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