Oregon Ducks NEW Basketball Floor (?)

Have you seen the newly designed floor for Matthew Knight Arena?

At the risk of offending Ducks  fans.  I must make this comment.  YOU HAVE TO Be KIDDING.

fully manned

If you haven’t seen the floor I suggest you check it out.  It is aesthetic,  A piece of art.  But what is not is conducive to basketball playing.  I think it should be banned by the NCAA.  I think it is an obvious attempt to confuse visiting teams.  As a basketball player I would hate to walk in and see this floor.  It would take a lot of floor time to be able to know where you are on the court.  It is so radical.

I know, perhaps, that I am not your ordinary player.  When shooting the ball I rarely look at the basket.  I play by floor position.  I maybe could still pick out a spot on the floor to shoot from, but it seems that this design would be more confusing to find that spot.  Defensively it probably would not make a difference to me.

From the photo I saw.  The three point stripe is clearly marked.  The Key is clearly marked.  The free throw line is clearly marked.  But the important 10 second line is practically non-existent.  I wonder how many Over and Back calls will be made.

I remember when a new high school was built and they installed the NEW (at the time) rubber floor.  The rubber made a difference in the bounce of the ball and you could see the home team had an advantage because they practiced there and knew the characteristics.  But away games they struggled because they played on a wooden floor.

The floor may appear different in person.  I’ll never know.  But as it appears in the photo it is a distraction to the game.  And I think the NCAA needs to take a look and determine if it is meant to give the Ducks a “HOME COURT ADVANTAGE”

This is just as I see it.  Check it out yourselves, and decide for yourselves.

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