College Athletic Scholarships

Today you here so many “student athletes” complain about the College/University making money on the games they play.  To all of them I say HAH.  Sure the school the NCAA make money from your games.  But consider the benefits you are getting.  Generally a full scholarship.  Most include Tuition, Books, Room and Board, Tutoring, And in some cases I know of transportation to and from classes and practice, some even get you part time jobs, so you legally have spending money.   You get to continue playing a game you love.

Academic scholars do not get the attention or many of the perks you do.  They participate in academic contests but don’t expect payment.  They do it for the enjoyment.  The same thing you  should be doing it for,

Don’t get me wrong I’m not against Athletic Scholarships.  More people use it to get an education they would not ordinarily be able to afford.  But just add up all the expense of all your scholarship and PERKS.  Do you realize that you are making more than most people your age are making.

I think the Athletic scholarship program is being abused.  But only by a few so called Student Athletes .  The only reason they attend College/Universities is to audition for a job in the pro ranks.  These are the ones who I feel great you made it you are getting paid BIG money for something I would do for $50,000 Because I really love the game.

The one thing the NCAA needs to and I feel  OBLIGATED to do is this.  After the investment made in you.  IF you do not complete the 4-5 years to fulfill you obligation (getting a degree) either YOU or the TEAM acquiring you should reimburse the scholarship fund in full with interest.  It is only a drop in the bucket compared to your salary.  After all this is where you served your apprenticeship.

Those who do not go on to play in the pros but complete the course to graduation will not make near what you make.  But most of them were there to get an education and enjoy one last hurrah in a game they love.

I heartily urge the NCAA to follow up on this recommendation.

That is the way I see it.

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