Dickie Vitale Running up Score

Dick Vitale is a truly nice man.  I met him in person one time and we had a delightful conversation.  I respect him tremendously.  But while watching a basketball game last night, He really made a strange statement.  Duke who is always running up the score on lesser teams, and Mr. Vitale rarely says anything  about it.  They can have a 40 point lead at half time and keep playing their STARTERS.

But last night he began talking FOOTBALL.  He admitted he had not seen the game and apparently hadn’t read about the game in question.  It was the Big Ten game between Wisconsin and Indiana.   Coach Bill Lynch said he was not upset with Wisconsin scoring so many points. Except that his team allowed it to happen.  The score,  if you missed it was 83-20.

I know it sounds like a run up.  But what Mr. Vitale doesn’t understand is Wisconsin took out their Starters and played the boys who don’t get much playing time.  To me this doesn’t count as running up the score.  After all who would want to put these subs in and not let them play ball.  You look for opportunities like this to actually give your subs real game experience.  It just happened that Indiana’s football team, was having a really bad day and was  unable to keep up with Wisconsin’s second and third string.  Teams have days like that.  I remember one Monday night bowling I rolled a 630 series.  Tuesday I bowled on the same two lanes and had a 384.  I wasn’t too proud of that but  I worked harder on that 384 than the 630.  How did it happen?  Heck if I know.  You just have those days.

Mr. Vitale do you really think that a group of players who rarely get into a game should not play hard.  It kind of reminds me of the Indianapolis Colts throwing a game that would have given them a perfect season.  Difference is they benched their starters in fear of “injury”.  Those players will probably never have a chance to  play a perfect season again.  The Wisconsin subs may never get another chance to get this much real game experience.

Mr. Vitale  I Believe you owe the Wisconsin Badgers an apology

That is how I see it.

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