Baseball Without Wrigley Field?

Ground Breaking in March, 1914.  Opened April 1914.  Located at 1060 Addison Street  Weeghman Park was the home of the  Federal League baseball team Chicago Whales.  The park then became the home of the Chicago Cubs in 1916, and was renamed Cubs Park  between 1920 and 1926, before being renamed after Cubs owner and Chewing gum VIP William Wrigley Jr (Love that Juicy Fruit.  Wrigley Field also served as home to the National Football League’s Chicago Bears.

Although the 10th smallest ballpark still in use Wrigley Field is the OLDEST National League Park.  It is second only to American League’s Fenway Park (by 2 years).  Wrigley Field is the only remaining Federal League park.

The new owners have apparently asked for a $200 million to $300 million state bond sale.  I definitely am not a proponent of Government Funds being used for non-government purposes.  Look at Indianapolis, Indiana .  They made a terrible deal to keep the COLTS.  The owner is making a bushel more money because he has less OUTGO.  Perhaps it is just a coincidence,  but it was said that after the sweetheart deal,  Colts owner went from MILLIONAIRE to BILLIONAIRE.  The taxpayers are the losers here, and Indianapolis is scrambling to find the funds to hold up it’s end of the deal.

What I am in favor of is this.  Let the people who profit from Wrigley Field,  the surrounding businesses, kick into help needed renovations.  The hotels, restaurants, bars. parking lots, taxis, buses, trains, etc.  Why should the average person be saddled with the cost.  I know in my area my taxes go to support Professional teams, but I can’t afford a ticket to see the games.

The difference here is Wrigley Field is a part of Americana.  Some souvenir manufacturers claim the Cubs as a goldmine.

The big QUESTION.  Should government funds be used to help preserve this piece of American History.  I say FIRST the aforementioned businesses who owe their existence to Wrigley Field.  Without Wrigley Field most of those businesses would not exist.  I think their financial support would go a long way on needed renovations,  note I stressed needed.  If there are more legitimate needs then I can see using a government loan, maybe. After all what would baseball be without WRIGLEY FIELD.

But this is a question only Chicagoans can answer.  What do you think?

That’s the way I see it.


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