Re: Black Friday

I certainly hope all of you early Friday morning shoppers had fun.  Having been in the military I decided when I got out I had stood in enough lines for a lifetime.  So as you can tell you did not see me there.

I know the savings sound too good to be  true.  For me they are.  I know of some people who started standing in line at a large chain  store at 2 pm  Thursday.   I know of some  who stood in line at another large chain store  only to learn there were only 5 of the items available.  there were 20 people in line ahead of her and who knows how many behind her.

Let us look at the true cost of the items you saved money on.  Of course there is the money you paid.  Then to arrive at the true cost you must add in your time.  TIME is one thing you cannot replace.  Once you have spend a minute it i is gone FOREVER.  Oh you have your memory of that time but I can’t see a memory of standing in the cold and in a line as being a cherished memory, and I have enough memories I’d rather forget.  But if you figure your time at $7.00 and hour.  Let’s see 2 pm Thursday until 4 am Friday is what 26 hours?  so 26 time 7 equals  $182.00. add that to the $198.00 TV and you paid  $380.00.  If you value your time a higher rate, (The rate should be at least what you are paid at your job,) then you paid even more.  So how much did you really spend?  Mind you this is not counting time you could have used with your family and friends,  (Unless this is how you chose to spend time with them).  The right of choice of how we spend our minutes, is  just another thing we have to be thankful for.  So as long as you think it is worth the time then  more power to you.

As for me I feel linewaiting is a waste of my time.  But because I value my time on Earth highly… Well you get my point.  Hope you all enjoyed your time wherever you spent it.

This Is How I See It

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