Ear Thief

I apologize to the victim’s family for this title but I am so riled up about this I am unable to think of a better way to put it.

One cannot imagine what goes through some people’s mind.  But to crash a fundraiser that is being held so a a small child can have an ear, is pretty low.  I wonder what the thief needed that was more important than a little boy having an ear.

It seems that a lad of 9 was born with a disorder that left one side of his face underdeveloped.  He has already had numerous surgeries.  This fundraiser was to raise money to take cartilage from his rib to form an ear for him.  The thief took about $8000.00 dollars. The surgery had been scheduled for March, and this theft left them wondering how they were going to pay for it.

Thankfully there was a foundation in a community, nearby, that came to the rescue and replaced the money.  So I assume the boy will have his ear.  A big THANK YOU !! to the foundation.  (I don’t know their name).  It is nice to know that there are organizations who still care about people.

As for the THIEF I feel they should take his ear.  Let the punishment fit the crime.  Right or Wrong…..

That is How I  See It.

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