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Have you noticed how College conferences have spread out.  At one time we had ACC with schools on the East coast (near the Atlantic Ocean).  We had PAC 10 with schools on the west coast (near the Pacific Ocean).  Big 10 in the midwest with schools in the midwestern states.

I find it amusing the Big 12 Conference has 10 schools.  The Big 10 had 11 and now 12.  Should these two conferences just switch names.

But recently,  I will use only the Big 1o-11, now 12 , and the Big East conference as examples.  The Big Ten, a few years ago, expanded east with the addition of Penn St.  Now they have added a school which is in the west Nebraska.  Now we have a team from the “Wild West”  TCU joining the Big East.

Why would these Conferences want these schools and why would these schools want to join so distant a conference?

The colleges join for economical reasons these conferences give them more exposure, and better recruiting influences.

The conferences also want the REVENUE.   Take the Big 10.  Big 10 usually has at least 2,3, or more representatives in Bowl Games.  The money paid to the participating teams is split at least 3 ways.  Some to the school who plays, some to the schools who didn’t get a bowl bid, and the rest to the CONFERENCE.

Unfortunately, again,  Money rules our college athletics.  To get off the subjects just a mite, look at the coaches.  Why do small colleges retain coaches longer.  In small schools, and I am talking about small liberal arts colleges, the emphasis is not so much on winning but building character.  These colleges do not give Athletic scholarships.  The coaches job is to instill qualities of leadership, teamwork, and other elements to make a better person.  Much of the time they do not even charge admission to their games.  But there have been several of these athletics go on to play on pro teams.

The large Universities use athletics to bring in revenue.  Losing teams don’t draw big crowds.  The coaches get paid BIG money to produce winning programs.  The more successful the team the more money they make.  The university is closely aligned with their successful coaches.  UCLA and Johnny Wooden.   Mention Joe Paterno and people think Penn St.  Bobby Knight people think Indiana University.  These are great coaches of their games and building character.  But if they did not win as many games as they did, and have,  The fact that they instilled proper ethics, they would not have been at their jobs as long as they were/are.  When it comes to athletics and Conferences MONEY is the bottom line.

That Is How I See It.

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