Price Checking

During this month of holiday spending I am compelled to pass on some tricks (?) I have found while shopping.  Sometimes it is a little amount of money saved sometimes a substantial amount.

I will go back several years for my first example.  When computer scanners first came out  I HAD to have one.  I went to a now defunct electronics store, which was a leader in it’s time.  The particular scanner I was interested in had a price tag of $269.99. Being close to Black Friday, the clerk told me that he had knowledge this scanner was to be specially priced for the event.  It would be an all day event and they had plenty in stock.  I waited for the sale, hoping to save a substantial amount of money.  Well, was I surprised to find the special price was now $349.99.  That was an $80.00 increase in price.  I talked to the same clerk.  He said he was surprised at the rise in cost, but they sold more that day than they had in a month.   People who had not pre-shopped thought it was a steal.  So it doesn’t hurt to pre-shop items you may be interested in.

More recently I was grocery shopping,   We all know to buy the large economy size right?   Imagine my surprise when I discovered that by buying the two smaller size bottle; of  pancake syrup I was actually paying less for 4 more ounces.  I suppose that in this case economy. meant more money for the store.

This Monday I needed ink for my printer,  usually I buy the combo pack of 1 black and 1 color cartridge.  The price was $27.97, not a bad price for 2 cartridges, am I correct.  However when I priced them individually.  The Black Cartridge was $9.97 each.  The Color Cartridge price was $17.97  Add  $9.97 to  $17.97 the cost is $27.94.  Granted I only saved 3 cents by buying them separately over the combo pack.  But I usually buy 2 combo packs a month.  I Use a lot of ink.  That means I save 6 cents a month. Which means 72 cents a year.  Yeah I know that doesn’t sound like much, does it.  But look at the bottom line for the store.   The store in question is one of almost 8,700.  I don’t know how many of these combo packs each store sell weekly.  Let’s assume (Yes I Know what assume is said to mean),   HaHa. But for this example lets make this assumption.

At 3 cents each package, time 10 a week that is only 30 cents extra profit.  But take that 30 cents times 8,700.  That totals to $2610.00 a week.   Now take that $2610.00 time 52 weeks and that 3 cent difference comes up to  $135,720.00. Not bad extra profit  over the profit made on individual packages.  Sort of a BONUS profit

So in conclusion COMPARE Prices.

That Is How I See It.

PS. When shopping online beware of the Shipping and handling costs.  One ebay for example I add the shipping charge to what the price is and quite often I can buy the item in a local store for less money.  Some places charge more shipping and handling than the actual item would cost in the store.  As always  Buyer Beware.

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