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Consumer Reports, and customers are finally finding out what I discovered years ago.  AT&T/Cinglular, customer service really sucks.   It didn’t just happen it has been that way for many years.

Example 1:  Many years ago, before they became AT&T, I decided I no longer needed my mobile phone, as I was no longer on the road as much.  I paid 3 months in advance to fulfill my contract.  I told them to stop service when my contract was up.  Did they heed my instructions?  NO!! About 3 months after they were to stop service, I got a notice saying they were shutting my service down for non payment.  Non Payment??   I didn’t even have a phone any more and did not sign a renewal contract.   What was a non payment of.  To make a long story short after trying to talk to CUSTOMER SERVICE,  I decided, because I couldn’t afford an attorney, to pay what they called “LIQUID DAMAGES”,  that is what they called it.  The 3 months of service would have been $90,  but they said I owed $300 for terminating services early.  Now mind you I paid my contract in full, and told them I no longer needed their service.

Example 2:  I purchased the “insurance” for my phone. Yes I went back on the road.  Anyway, my phone got smashed.  I had hung my coat, with the phone in a pocket, on a post and a truck backed into it and demolished my phone.  When I took it to the local office for replacement I had to pay about 1/3 of my phones original cost.  About a year later I found out they replaced my phone with one that had been outdated.  It looked similar to my old one.  I trusted them.

Then I was back working close to home and a phone at work.  I no longer needed the cell phone.  No problem this time.  They shut off the service when they were supposed to.

Example 3:  Back on the road again.  I needed a cell phone again.  Every thing went fine.  Until I realized that I could save money with their family plan..  Before I renewed my contract and purchased a new phone, I asked about adding the additional phone.  The other phone was on its own plan, as they didn’t have the family plan when I added a 2nd phone.  Now they did.  I was assured I could add the phone.  I signed the contract.  Then I was told the other phone had 3 months left on that contract so we would have to wait another month before they could add the phone to the family plan.  OK.  The month passed.  They told me I would  have to wait until the full contract had expired, But would be able to transfer the phone then.  Finally the 2nd contract expired and I went in to move the phone to the family plan.  Guess What.  Can’t do it.  “We don’t offer that plan anymore.”  I talked to the local representative, with no satisfaction.  I called AT&T “customer service”  We talked about a half hour.  I was told they would check to see what could be done, and call me Monday.  This was on a Friday.  Know what I’m still waiting for that call.

As soon as my contract was up, I switched to Sprint.  I have better coverage.   SPRINT, really does believe in taking care of the customer.  I have had no problems with them.  They are always eager to help me, no matter how long it takes.  I can never see returning to AT&T.

As always this is just my experience, and may have happened before the name changed to AT&T.  I’m not sure when the name change occurred.  Although I not  sure a name change means much when it come to customer service.  I do know people who have AT&T who jumped through hoops just this summer to get  “CUSTOMER ” service.  I’m sure from what I have heard the weren’t very satisfied.

That Is How I See It.

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