Brett Favre to Retire??

Like many other Football fans I am wondering.  Will Brett Favre retire?

I am of the opinion he will.  I think the one thing that kept him going was the most consecutive starts record.  With Peyton Manning breathing down his neck, he had to keep going.  But now after having to sit out a game or so, he doesn’t have time to start over.  By retiring this year, (really retiring), Favre will go out on top of the heap in all categories.  I think he has passed Jim Marshall for most regular season starts.  Marshall played 20 seasons and started 282 regular season games.  Favre had,  (I think), 269 before this season started,  thus needed to start 14 regular season games this year to take that title.

I know how hard it is to give up something you love doing.  But I believe the time is right for Brett Favre.  I think Favre will retire from playing.  However he has a wealth of knowledge to pass on.  Will he just walk away from Football or will he find a new niche, a different job with another record to set.  We can only wait and see

That Is How I See It.

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