Jailed for Overdue Books

It appears that a Texas woman was jailed
for failure to appear for a court hearing in regard to the failure to return books to the local library and is charged with a misdemeanor.  She owes over $200 in fines.  The number of books is only stated as a “number” of books.

As for legal merit when one borrows books from a library they have a “contract” to return the books in a timely manner,  You just can’t keep them an indefinite period,

How this came about according to the defendant is that the books were destroyed in a house fire.

So could all of this been averted if the borrower had just gone to the library and explained the situation.  Most likely.  Replacement costs may or may not have been assessed, but likely insurance would have covered it.

If this ever happens to you, please keep these alternatives in mind.  Sure beats sitting in jail.

That Is How I See It

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