Don’t Tax My Coca~Cola

It has been brought to my attention Our Government, in looking for more money to give to companies that invest badly.  So it  is looking at a possible 20-40 percent tax on my Coke.  LAY OFF MY COKE.

They say if we pay a 40 percent tax we won’t drink as much, (hurting the soft drink industry).  The tax is to help us lose weight.  It is said we could lose 1 pound a year if we pay a 40 percent tax.  WOW!!   A whole pound, imagine that.  Of course with less sales the Soft Drink companies may have to lay off people and increase our roll of unemployed,  less tax paid by the Soda companies.  Sounds like a win- win situation to me.  NOT.  The only weight I’d lose would be from my pocket.

As a small boy I was really frail.  The doctor told me my problem was that my stomach did not produce enough acids to properly break down my food.  To offset this I was told to drink Coca~Cola with my meals this would help break down the food for me.  Would I be entitled to claim a medical exemption on this tax and my Cokes.

I just really don’t see the benefit of taxing my Coke.  Why not tax Candy, Cookies, bags of Sugar, etc.  Chocolate and fast food probably put more weight on u than my Coke.  Tax them.

That Is How I See It.


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