NFL Tuesday Night Football

What is the NFL thinking?  Football was created to play outside, in all kind of weather.  But the NFL decided to postpone the Eagles Vs Viking game until Tuesday.   This really ticks me  off.  I was looking forward to a real old fashion football game for a change.  I really don’t like to watch the indoor games.

Now I am not blaming the players. I’m sure they would have played if they were the ones to allowed to make the decision.  But the NFL is in this protect the players mode right now, and they were probably thinking of the players.  Maybe not.  Maybe only that they may not sell out all the seats.  That makes more sense, as they are so revenue conscious.   I’ll bet the Lombardi led Packers were laughing their butts off about this call.

When the NFL does things like this I think it would serve them right if everyone who had tickets for the SUNDAY game, asked for refunds.  Some of these people have real jobs and may not be able to make an UNPLANNED Tuesday Night Football game.  Will  the Vikings be able to make the trek to Philadelphia again, or were they able to afford a stay in hotels.  I  think the fans should revolt and no one show up Tuesday.  Wouldn’t that be a sight a game with only the Team members and vendors in the arena.  I would love to see this.  It would send a message to the NFL that without the FANS, they are out of business, and make them rethink the high cost of attendance.

BOYCOTT  Tuesday Night Football!!!

One last thing regarding the Colts game Sunday.  I know the media people say Manning’s slide was a really smart move.  Baloney!  He had an easy touchdown.   just a step or two more.  There would be no way Oakland could score enough points to win.  I realize the Colts have had an injury prone season. But can we forget last year when they threw away a perfect season to protect players.  I think the Colts are getting SOFT.  If you are getting the money they are getting paid to put on a show.  LET US HAVE A SHOW!


That Is How I See It.

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