Gas Prices

Try as we might, the consumer can never figure when to buy gasoline.  I play this game every week.  Do I fill up Monday or wait for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, or is Sunday going to give me the best price.  Whatever day I pick I the price will go down the next day.  But I have an SUV, a Pickup truck. a sports car, and a motorcycle. (Don’t misunderstand my truck is  23 years old, My SUV is 16, my sports car was a gift for me to fix, and occupy my time, and the motorcycle was given to me by a friend who at age  77 decided it was time to quit riding).  So I buy gas on one day then go back the next with the other 3 vehicles.  (I at least can save a little money on 3 out of 4 vehicles).

The gas companies have conspired to raise the price of gas to $3.00 a gallon ever since they reached $2.00. They drove to get the price to $2.00 ever since they attained $1.00. They always have an excuse.  We didn’t produce enough gas.  Crude oil prices are up.  (which  I feel they control to an extent).  We had an oil spill.  The demand for gas is too high.  The gas demand is too low.  And my favorite.  It’s a Holiday. Whatever other reason they can think of.  It is always “NOT MY FAULT”  with them.

A year or two ago our government was saying “we must curb our driving habits to cut down on gas consumption.  Then when they realized the loss of tax revenue from our driving less,; using less gas.  They wanted to raise our gas tax if we didn’t pick up our usage. We are in a catch 22.

Not all us are able to go out and buy the electric cars that government is pushing.  (They really don’t look that safe to me.)  For city driving they may be okay,  For those of us who live in a rural area and have to drive 50 plus miles to reach a city big enough to support charging stations.  Retirees?  Sometime they purchase one last car as they retire, knowing they can’t afford new car payments, taxes, plate fees, and insurance on a new car.

Gasoline companies your days are numbered keep raising prices and you force people to switch to electric cars, bicycles, motorcycles, mopeds.  We once had steam cars and they could get us from point A to point B quite effectively.  Horses worked pretty good for a long time.  I could see a time when mini cities will spring up with all the things people will need can be shopped, bought and delivered to my house.  The bygone (in some areas) trolley car can be revived to take people to anywhere they want within the mini city.

That Is How I See It.

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