I’m sure you are mostly aware of the ROUNDABOUTS,  that many areas are putting in to supposedly relieve traffic on some busy roads.

When the Interstate system was instituted the brain child for entering and exiting the interstate was a little thing called the clover leaf.  Some states still have these accidents waiting to happen.  The way it works,  for those of you are unaware.  The traffic entering the Interstate just happen to use the same lane as people exiting the Interstate.  It is sort of hard to explain without seeing it.  But try to imagine being on the Interstate and you come to your exit, and must get in an exit lane.  But as you are trying to get in the exit lane you have people coming onto the Interstate using that same lane.  Confusing, yes it is a miracle more people haven’t been killed.

The Roundabouts are the same thing.  The ones I have been on have two lanes an inner lane and an outer lane.  Where you once had a 4 way stop you now have a 4 way go.  If you come to one of these and are going straight you get in one of the two lanes but if you are making a…lets say a normally left turn you would most likely get in the outside lane.  If you aren’t turning left but want to turn right or go straight you normally get in the inner lane.  But because you have cars coming in the Roundabout from 4 different directions, you could go round several times before you are able to work yourself to the outer lane.  Many times I have seen near accidents, and nearly been involved in them, on these Roundabouts.  Thank heaven we don’t have any of them in our area, only when we go to the big City.

I don’t see how this can help anyone.   It is like a monster waiting to devour your car.  I personally avoid any roads with these things in them.  That means businesses located on these two roads miss any business I may have for them.

Roundabouts and Clover leafs are more dangerous than people driving 10 miles over the speed limit,  I’m all for banning Roundabouts in the United States.  They are already changing many of the clover leafs to a safer system but look how long that has taken.

That’s  How I  See It

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