New Year’s Reolutions

RESOLUTION : A formal expression intentions made.

I at one time made New Year’s Resolutions.  After looking back past many years, I realized I never really made a resolution.  Why?  I guess I never really had the INTENTION .  I made the list.  But, I had a really high mortality rate.  The longest lived resolution I made lasted until baseball season.  After 20 at bats without hitting one out of the infield, I gave up my resolution to hit one over center field fence.  The last game of the year, the coach told me to bat left handed, maybe I might get a walk.  Believe it or not I could really see the ball better, and actually did hit one over center field fence.  My only home run ever.  No one was on base.

Now I don’t write resolutions anymore.  I write…”What I didn’t get done last year.”

1. I didn’t get my truck body work and paint job   done                                                                 2. I didn’t get my project car finished.                                                                                               3.  I didn’t get the soffit put on the front porch                                                                                4. I didn’t get the soffit put on the rear porch                                                                                  5.  Although I did lose 2o pounds in the spring I gained it back in the fall. (So I figure that     doesn’t count).                                                                                                                                       6. I didn’t get my roof put on my garage.                                                                                          7   I didn’t find a job.                                                                                                                             8 . My big disappointment. I didn’t win the LOTTERY.

I now have 8 things on my list that probably won’t get done again.  But if one actually does get done,  Next year.

The only thing I can probably be sure to get done is…..

Cat Naps with my kitty on my lap.  We do get a lot of that done.

That Is How I See It.

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