Slam Dunk?

I recently read an article about wondering how many more points would Shaq have made if they didn’t have a 3 sec lane violation as they did in Wilt Chamberlain’s day.  Excuse me. They did have the 3 sec lane violation, however in his day they actually called it.

The topic of the day is the DUNK.  The DUNK is in reality is an illegal move.  Goal tending is contact with the ball when the ball is above the rim and has the possibility of entering the basket.

The way it is interpreted in todays games.  It is an advantage given to the offensive team.  They are allowed to actually put their hands in the extended cylinder above the rim, and sometimes even inside the rim.  However the defense is not allowed this discretion.  Very unfair ruling.  You are essentially handicapping the defense with this interpretation,.

Here is the thing.  With the height of the players today, many can stand flat footed and touch the rim.  It takes very little skill to be able to be above the rim.  I believe if  they want to keep allowing this infraction, Dunks should only count 1/2 point.  Or allow 1 point for DUNKS,  2 points for  free throws,  3 points, field goals and 4 points beyond the arc.   This would reward the difficulty level of the shot.  Also defenders should be allowed to put their hands inside the cylinder area.

I know many of you find the DUNK exciting.  Why I’ll never know.  There is no skill involved, unless you are a Spud Webb.  Be honest with yourself.  If you can reach the rim standing flat footed, isn’t that about the same thing as you standing over your trash can and dropping a wadded up piece of paper in.

As for me.  Raise the Rim.  they have made so many changes in the rules already.  No jump ball on tie ups,  you can push and touch opposing players, (for those of you who are unaware Basketball was meant as a non-contact sport).  Why not raise the rim to 12-14 feet.  When basketball was invented the average player was about 5 feet 8 inches.  Ten feet was a good height.  But now with players 7 feet tall (give or take a a couple of inches),  10 feet is just not an adequate height.

That Is How I See It.

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