NFL Lockout

As a SPORTS fan, let me chime in to say, an NFL Lockout or Strike would not be viable option.

For one the team owners, players, and NFL in general are already OVERPAID. The economy could not absorb any further raises in revenue for these groups.  I agree that extra games are nothing more than a money grab.  But if they add more games where will it end.  The NBA season already overlaps into the BASEBALL season.  Football overlaps into the BASEBALL  season.  All seasons overlap.

I was a huge Baseball fan.  I watched the Chicago Cubs every afternoon on the Superstation WGN,  I watched the Atlanta Braves whenever the CUBS weren’t on, and sometimes, I hate to admit this I sat up a second TV so I could watch when they were on at the same time.

The BASEBALL STRIKE of 1994-1995 ended that streak.  I have watched only one full game (CUBS) since then.  I have only been to our local minor league teams game once.  Before the strike it would be nothing to go a couple of times a week.  I even got to know and sat with some of the players families.  Yes I am only one person.  But I have noticed many of my friends and acquaintances have had a similar reaction.

This was the reason McQwire was in my opinion pushed along with other player to use steroids,  Viewership hit such a low level MLB had to do something to grab the public’s attention.  What better way than to use ‘livelier balls” and “super hitters”.  Do I blame the players involved. Yes it was their choice.  However, in their defense I think they were coerced in this move by MLB to regain interest in their industry.

Now let us look at the NBA Lockout of 1998-1999.  I again lost all interest in NBA.  I had been a NBA fan an ABA fan.  (I still prefer the old ABA).  But I haven’t paid to see a game since the LOCKOUT.  I don’t watch it on TV.  I occasionally switch over during a commercial break to check the score of our local NBA team, just to get the score.  But the NBA had to do the same thing as BASEBALL.  To generate interest they had to create a SUPERPLAYER.  A one time good player suddenly became a SUPERPLAYER, when he was no longer held to the rules.  Let’s face how many people do you know can dunk the ball in a step and a jump from the 1o second line, or shove a player and get to shoot free throws.   When some players got ejected from the game for an action, and he was free to do the same thing without any penalty.  Yes their were more than one.  But (I know) you who aren’t savvy on real basketball,  will go up in arms.  But the player I’m referencing is Michael Jordan. I’m not saying he wasn’t a good, maybe even better than average player before the lockout.  But if you watch after the lockout you will see what I say is true.  NBA marketing, just like the MLB got behind one player. Marketing is everything.  You could take anything and with the proper marketing turn it into a SUPER WHATEVER.

Who or What would be the hook to draw back fans if the the NFL does not play.

That Is How I See It.

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