Seasons of the Year

I have just come to realization.

We have SPRING which brings us BASEBALL.  Warmer weather, not too hot nor really cold.  We can get our Motorcycles out and enjoy a few rides.

We have SUMMER, which brings us GOLF , hot weather, my least favorite, except I must admit I am partial to bikinis, and we can still enjoy swimming and of course riding our Motorcycles.

Then come Fall.   Which brings us FOOTBALL . A very nice time of the year, very similar to SPRING.  Remarkable. Two season SPRING and FALL.  SPRING  which starts off Cold and Warms up.  FALL starts off Hot and cools down.  We can still ride our motorcycles. But we are getting to the point of having to winterize them.

Then comes our Biggest Season.  WINTER.  Winter brings us BASKETBALL.  Basketball is such a HUGE  season we have to have Winter twice a year.  WINTER, the only season we have two times a year.  Now let me see.  If I move South far enough…… I could still ride my Motorcycle, hmmmm.

That Is How I See It.

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