Smoke No Smoke

This is my experience with smokers.  My Dad smoked.  Sometimes Pipes, sometimes Cigarettes.  He sometimes rolled his own with Velvet tobacco.  He died of Emphyzema.

But I do remember the sweet smell the pipe gave off.  My Brother smoked.    He finally gave up the habit.  After two bypass surgeries.    Now the aroma of the Pipe depended on the tobacco used.  But I remember the smell was not as good when it was wrapped in paper.  They both smoked Chesterfields. and sometimes Lucky Strikes,   Probably my brothers choice because it was easier to sneak one of Dad’s.  Later he switched to the mentholated Kools.    I remember they spent 2o cents a pack.  We farmed for a living and I have no idea what percentage of our income that amounted to.

As for myself I had always been told how bad the habit was, for my health.  So If I knew this back then.  I really have little compassion  for those who sue tobacco companies and say  “I didn’t know they were bad for me.”  Anyway I never smoked.  I got more than my share from second hand smoke.  Also I had better things to spend my money on.  What little I had.

I remember, as a lad,  my uncle had a a regulation pool table in his basement.  The door was always open anytime we wanted to play.  The only rule that applied to my family was  ‘NO  SMOKING”.  I know if it had been necessary other rules would have been,  “NO ALCOHOL’ and  ‘NO CUSSING’  etc.   I remember one time when my Aunt and Uncle were away for a week.  My brother decided it would be okay to smoke, no one would know.  WRONG !!   My Aunt walked in a week later and demanded  “Who has been smoking in my house”.   We wondered, ” how did she know?”  Years later when  I got married and had my own house I found out.  Tobacco stinks.  Being around it all those years I didn’t know the difference.  So knowing how bad it smells and being able to smell it on people who either smoke or are around smoking….well.  I feel sorry for children who have to breathe their parents second hand smoke.  I think, “Don’t the parents care about the danger they are exposing their children to.”  Not to mention they have to go to school smelling like that too.

Now you have the right to smoke if you choose.  I just ask you be considerate of others.  And I am seeing more signs of smokers respecting the rights of those of us who choose not to smoke. Thank YOU very much.

In parting let me give you a couple of examples.  I was in a restaurant, near the door they had allotted 5 booths for non-smokers.  The rest of the restaurant, including the coveted spots near the fireplace, were designated Smoking area.  After I sat down a man came in sat down behind me IN the non-smoking area and lit up one of those little cigar cigarette thingies.  I politely pointed out this was a non-smoking area, and the rest of the restaurant he had at his disposal.  He said, “I’ll be done in just a minute.”  I let it rest.  Then he lit up another.  The waitress told him he had to move if he wanted to smoke.  He refused.  The manager told him the same thing.  He just sat there and lit up another.  Now I have to say this is extremely rare.  But there are people out there like this.

Now to a better example.  Again in a restaurant we were seated in an area that made a tee.  there was no separation. in reality, but the smoking and non-smoking were side by side. The gentleman sitting in the smoking area was perfectly right to light up.  But he smoked those generic cigarettes that stink even more than brand names.  I could have probably tolerated a brand name cigarette.  But the odor was really bad.  So I just turned to him, and said,  “Do you smoke while you are eating?”   He said,  “No.”   I then said.  “Why do you smoke when I am eating.”  He looked at me and said, ” I never thought about it that way.”  He proceeded to put his cigarette out and thanked me for letting him know.  This is how more smokers are becoming.  Respectful of our right to not smoke.  And I respect their right to smoke.

I could go on and on.  But I think you all get my point.  I do have one last question for the ladies.  Why do you buy expensive sweet smelling perfumes and then cover it up with smoke smell?

That Is How I See It.

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