Tools Names and How to Use Them

I grew up on a farm.  We used a lot of tools.  My grandfather was a house painter and carpenter.  He used a lot of tools.  Later I was a hardware store manager.  It may just be the area we all grew up in but I have a problem when people (even the pros on TV)  call tools by different names that I grew up knowing them as.

Where I grew up in the Midwest what they now call a a  jig saw, was called, and the description on the box called it a  Sabre Saw. What is now called a scroll saw, was and labeled as a  jig saw. Confusing?  Yes a bit.

But the obvious things are people do not know the difference from a Brand name and an actual tool.  For example not all  Locking Pliers are made by VICE GRIP. But some of these so called experts will say give me a vice grip, even though it may be a CRAFTSMAN locking plier.

Adjustable Wrenches, are often referred to as Crescent wrench.  Even though they may not be made by the Crescent Tool Co.

Slip Joint Pliers, are called Channel Locks, regardless of the manufacturing name.  Channel Lock, makes other tools. For example if you have a Channel Lock screwdriver in your tool box you could be referring to the screwdriver instead of the locking pliers.

I have worked with some of these Professionals who use brand names in place of the real name for the tool they are wanting to use.  If they ask me to hand them a Vise Grip.  I will look for a Vise Grip, but maybe all they have is Snap-on.  No Vice Grip.   I have never heard a plumber (and I have worked as a plumber) say, “Hand me a Ridgid”.  They say hand me a pipe wrench, and they tell you what size.  Nor will some say give me a Matco, when what they want is a screwdriver.  They even tell you flat, phillips, or torx.

It is just a matter I suppose of some brand names so dominating a certain variety of tool that the brand name becomes synonymous with a certain tool.  And the area you grow up in.  In Indiana the glass behind the goal has always been called a bankboard, because you bank a shot off of it.  In some areas it is called a backboard,  which is probably more descriptive now because there is rarely a shot banked in anymore it is net or nothing.

Another thing, while I’m on the subject of tools.  If you ever watch any of the do it yourself, or auto repair shows, (the guys on “Two Guys Garage” are real good at doing this.)  They use their Slip joint and adjustable wrenches backward.  The two tools are designed so the short end is on the bottom,  You turn toward that side.  Take your pliers for example you have the the long jaw on the top and push down, you can take your hand off the the bottom and you still have grip.  Do it like the pros on TV and try taking your hand off the long handle you lose grip.  I don’t understand the professionals using tools wrong.

Any way ….

That Is How I See It.


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