Coach Irresponsible and Unreasonable

Just a short story I heard.

A high school coach,  A 14 year old boy.  Temperature of 16 degrees.  A school located in the country.  A busy highway.

Coach misunderstands boy.  Ejects boy from practice.  Gives him 15 minutes to be off school property.  Enlists another teacher to watch to be sure he is off property,

Parent works this shift.  To leave, has to contact supervisor, gain permission to leave,  drive across city, and out to country school,  Impossible to make in 15 minutes.  Meanwhile 14 year old boy standing outside in 16 degree weather.  By the time his parent would arrive he would have to be standing next to the busy highway after dark to comply with being off school property.

Is this the type of person you would want coaching your teenager or even teaching your teenager in school classes?

I think this shows UNREASONABLE,  IRRESPONSIBILITY,  and IMMATURITY on the coaches part.  If this were my son I would have been after the coach, the school, the abetting teacher, the athletic director the superintendent and the school board.

If you did this to your child you would most likely be charged with CHILD ENDANGERMENT.

That Is How I See It.

Update: I understand the School has addressed the issue with the involved parties.  No mention of reprimand was made.  But hopefully the afford said coach and his cohort will see the ramifications of such an act


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