Dying Cities/Towns

Growing up in a rural area,  I remember traveling to our county seat.  (The Big City).  At that time they had they had 2 drive in theaters. 3 root beer stands, A DQ,  3 indoor theaters, a roller skating rink.  Two bowling alleys. A Borden’s milk delivery service, a Maplehurst milk delivery service, a bread delivery service.  For you who don’t know what these were,  Milk and bread were delivered directly to your door.

The biggest high school in the county, with 6 grade schools.  They, unlike our rural schools, even had kindergarten.  They had 2 pool rooms, and about 5 drug stores.  Not like your Walgreens or CVS, etc. These were small stores where they also had fountains for you to get sodas and ice cream and sit around and talk.  Very popular with the tweens, and teens. Downtown had 3 hotels. Large ones.  Two or three book stores.  Large factories,  Enough to employ a large portion of the county residents.  A YMCA,  a Boys Club, that had  actually fees that were low enough that any boy could belong,  Not like the rich kids country club they now call the BOYS AND GIRLS CLUB.  Fees were like $5 , now I believe it costs about $25-$30 each.  It was located where kids could walk to after school, and have fun.  The leagues they had set up cost about another $5 to join. (this was just to cover the T-Shirts to separate the teams.  Now it cost about $40 plus for the same events.  The kids have to walk about 2-3 miles to get to the club (which is located across the street from the county jailhouse.

Now the multiiple hard ware stores and lumber companies have been replaced by 1 Home Depot.  No more root beer stands, no skating rink, 1 bowling alley,  Which is so expensive I can no longer afford to bowl.  I used to bowl 2l leagues, Tuesday, and Thursday, 1 on Monday, Wednesday, Friday.  Saturday and Sunday were reserved for pot bowling and tourneys.  Many closed Factories, and high unemployment.  Thanks to Wal*Mart (our only place to shop,  As they cut prices until competition run out of town.  Now we pay more for items than in towns/cities where Wal*Mart has competition.  Theye used to have a gas station on about every corner, they actually came out pumped your gas, checked your oil, tire pressure, and washed your windows.  If needed they repaired your car, washed it, and fixed flats.

Now they have lost most of the Industries.  Lost all of the entertainments, they had.   Closed about half of the schools. People moving out because there is no jobs to be had.  The Electric Company just announced that their revenues are down because there is so many vacant houses, and the loss of industry, and business.  To stay in business they will have to raise their rates.  The factories, that are left are paying less because there is more demand for jobs than jobs available.

The only thing there is more of is Motels, and eating establishments,  (mostly fast foot).  When I want a good meal I have to travel about 30 miles to eat.  Oh yes.  The local and only hospital has just announced there will be no more births at their facility because they could not justify the 13 employees they had.  So now if you live in this area you will have to drive 30 t0 40 miles to have your baby born in a hospital.

The town has so many empty buildings setting,  just deteriorating.  They would be better to adopt a plan like some of the surrounding communities.  If the building sets vacant for over a year or two.  The owner must have it removed.

Portrait of a dying City/town.

Yes they had a thriving town.  Many small businesses.  I remember they had 3 butcher shops.  When Church was over although there were about 10 sit down restaurants, you usually had to stand in line to get a seat.

That Is How I See It.

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