Super Bowl XLV (Special Edition)

Super Bowl XLV   (Xtra Large Vista)?

The eyes of almost all NFL fans are on Dallas Texas.  Who will emerge from the battlefield with the coveted title “SUPER BOWL CHAMPION’ Title of 2011?  The reason I said almost all NFL fans, Some are not real NFL Fans.  You have your TEAM fans.  If their team is not playing they just aren’t into it, and could care less.

Unfortunately for the TEAMS  base fans.  they have to travel halfway. or more, across the US  to attend this event.  Face it fans would it not have been nice if Dallas and Indianapolis could have swapped years?  The proximity of Indianapolis to both Green Bay and Pittsburgh would have certainly made it easier to attend.  We can’t count the weather in this equation, as both cities have had plenty of bad weather.  However I must admit I believe the Hoosier State has more experience dealing with this weather.  The proximity of all facilities to Lucas Oil Stadium would have been a tremendous asset to visitors.

But, now it is time for all to select a winning team.  Some will pick the Steelers because they are dedicated Steelers fans.  Others will choose the Packers, because they are Packer fans.  If you are not a Packer or Steeler fan you may have a favorite of the two. Or you may look at the stats and select a team.  Believe it or not some of you will wish for one team to win but if you were betting you would bet on the other due to statistics.

As I look at the statistics they seem very equal, even though the Steelers have a better record,  remember neither team were supposed to be here according to the Experts. (Green Bay even more so).

I look at the Steelers see an experienced Super Bowl Team.  A team with more power,  general experience, and a lot of desire to win another Ring.

I look at Green Bay and I see a team that has overcome odds to reach this plateau.  I see a team owned by their fan base.  I see a hungry team with nothing to lose,  But most of all I see a team that has GREAT HEART.

Because of that heart I give the win to Green Bay by TWO.

That Is How I See It.

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