A Little Lesson on Media Spin

As I watch the NEWS or read the NEWS.  I have often noted how the media tells me I didn’t hear or see what I watched happen.  Have any of you noticed that too.

To be short and to the point if you read my Super Bowl Special you will notice that I correctly predicted the Green Bay Packers by 2.  I really did.

Some of you may have thought I was talking 2 points. But by putting NEWS media spin on what I said  was

“Because of that heart I give the win to Green Bay by TWO”. (field goals).

See all of you who  thought I goofed were misunderstanding what I said.

I really was referring to to points.  But you see how the MEDIA can twist things.  It could have been 2 points, 2 field goals, or 2 TD’s.  I would have still been right (Per Media Spin)

Trust what you see and hear (in person).  Not what the MEDIA  says you see and hear

It was probably one of the best Super Bowl Games in a long time.  It went to the wire.

That Is How I See It.

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