Lockout Insurance

Have any of you received money, a lot of money.  I’m talking about $4.5 BILLION, for doing nothing?

The way I understand it now;  that is exactly what the NFL owners are looking at.  It seems that they made some concessions to the Television networks that would allow them  $4.5 BILLION even if there is no games played next season.  Hopefully we will have a full season coming up.

The way I understand it Television money is to be split between owners and players       (or players union)

The players union went to court to fight this and was given a small award.  Which I understand they appealed the ruling.  The Players Union want this money placed in escrow until a contract agreement can be reached.  The owners want to have total access to the money.

Now the current Contract expires March 4, 2011.

So, as I see this situation, if the owners have control of this $4.5 Billion they would be able to have LOCKOUT INSURANCE. This gives them unfair leverage against the union.  They could choose to not negotiate in good faith.  Lockout the player,.  NO GAMES,  NO PAYROLL.  $4,500,000,000.00 (that is a lot of zeros, and they say zero means nothing) in the bank, probably drawing interest.  Would the owners split with the players if no season were played?  DOUBT IT!  Only if they were forced to.

In a previous post I have stated that players are overpaid and so are the owners.  For me it has become a detriment to my FANDOMSHIP (?) I prefer to watch high school Sports.

At any rate I agree with the players.  The money should be put in escrow until an agreement is met.  The owners should not be allowed to have this LOCKOUT INSURANCE. Hopefully the appeal will see this as the only fair thing to do.  Thus not upsetting the balance of power during negotiations.

That Is How I See It.


  1. 2011/03/03 at 17:27

    NFL lockout, its more than that, there will be no football in 2011, the NFL needs to restructure, sports agents r too big$$$ nfl

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