More Money NASCAR Winners

I just read an article stating the men of  NASCAR  want more money paid to the winners of each race.

I don’t  know how the pay goes now.  I assume the drivers are under contract and receive a base salary, plus a percentage of winnings.

But now they are supposedly asking for a payout of about $1 MILLION to win a race.  They claim Golfers often win as much as $1 Million.  To give an example.  January 16, 2011.   The  “Sony Open in Hawaii”.   Matt Wilson won $900,000.00 (official money) for his win.

Professional Tennis.  U.S, Open winner in 2010 won $2,700.000.00.  That is a lot of money.  They, like the NASCAR drivers,  have contracts with support companies that provide them a pretty much guaranteed salary.  But I do not believe they split this with the contractors and as far as I know they have no “OWNER”

Admittedly NASCAR drivers face more risk at a contest than do Tennis Players, or Golfers.   I’m sure the crowds at a tennis match or golf tournament are smaller than the crowds that attend a NASCAR race.  Where do these sports get that much money to pay out.  The only thing I can think of is “CORPORATE SPONSORSHIP”. I don’t pretend to know how the finances of these sports are funded.  I haven’t checked how much NASCAR  gets for naming rights to the various races.  I don’t know how much SONY paid to have their name on the Hawaiian Open.  I rarely see a sponsor name on the Tennis matches.  Where their money comes from is a mystery to me.  I know Tennis players get sponsors that guarantee them money, usually for using and promoting their equipment.  The same as Pro Golfers.

With less and less interest in NASCAR racing,  I really don’t see them being able to match the payouts of Pro Golf or Pro Tennis.  If I were a betting man I’d bet a substantial amount of these purses come from TELEVISION contracts.  But as I said I really don’t know.

Good Luck NASCAR drivers.

That Is How I See It


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