North Korea Hungry, Should USA Help

As most of you know the communist government North Korea, keeps threatening world PEACE.

Now that government has been facing FLOODS, and  LIVESTOCK DISEASE. North Korea has asked for food handouts.

What do we know about food distribution in North Korea?  We know the most important thing.  When it comes to handing out the foods… It is ranking government members first, with their supporters… Average citizen only if there is something left.  I understand their soldiers may eat only a little better than the average citizen.

Should the United States of America, specially now with our own economic woes,  many of our own either going hungry or barely able to find food,  GIVE food to the enemy.  My humanitarian side says “YES!”  My practical side says “NO”!

Practical side argument.  Why give aid to our enemy,  (or potential enemy, if that is more politically correct).  Would we have given the NAZI  government food while they were threatening our PEACE .   We probably did.  That was before my time.  But it doesn’t make sense to feed North Korea with the circumstances we are in with them.   We know more peaceful nations who need more food than we give them.  Will the people of North Korea be told where the food comes from, so they may eventually overthrow the Communist regime,  or will the North Korean government say..”Look we have taken care of you”.

Humanitarian side argument.  Should we let the average citizen, anywhere in the world starve as long as we have taken care of our own first.  “NO”!  BUT  we can not help but see the need, and cannot stop the urge to help our fellowman.   After all,  did we not give aid to the U.S.S.R.  during the COLD WAR.  For most of us it will merely be an exercise of our conscience.  We have no say what our government does in this situation, except by our proxies,  our Senators, and Congressmen,  (excuse me, to be politically correct, that should be Congressperson).

As for me, I think we should give them food, with a stipulation that the food will be distributed by a group appointed by the UNITED NATIONS,  consisting of  the countries which contribute the food.  The food should be given with MARKING of the donating country, so the people of North Korea, know where the food comes from.  So they may some day see their government does not work, and eventually overthrow this communist regime.

That Is How I See It.




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  1. 2011/02/26 at 14:39

    It really is rare to find well-informed individuals on this matter, nevertheless, you be understood as you know exactly what you are preaching about! Appreciate it

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