Anti-Union State Governments

Wisconsin and Indiana legislators are currently split over a bill which would essentially KILL unions.  It would not be the first time for this type of Genocide.

History shows the need for unions.  Before unions there were no 5 day work weeks, rarely were there any benefits, medical, retirement, vacations, etc. We had child labor.  Sweat Shops.  Poor working conditions.  So many things workers now enjoy.  The quality of living was so low and little hope of getting better.

Now for 3 views on UNIONS.

A friend of mine is very anti union.  He blames all the woes in the world on Unions.  According to him we would have more jobs,  and things would not cost so much.  It is the greedy union members who earn too much and drive up costs of the products they make.  Everyone would be able to own big houses, new cars, just about everything would be better without Unions.

Another friend of mine works in an Union shop, and claims they do nothing for the members.  This is true in their place of employment.  Unions are only as strong as their membership.  In this case the membership is so weak,  they never fight for anything.   They bargain for a benefits, working conditions, and shop rules.  But when the company violates items of the AGREEMENT,  the company falls back on “THE RIGHT TO MANAGE”.  Example.  One item calls for a 3 step procedure before termination.  1. Verbal Warning.  2 Written Warning.  3. Time off without pay.  Recently in this down turn in economy.  The Company has taken it upon themselves to make this a first time infraction…TERMINATION.  How?  Right to Manage.  The Union just says OK.  As you can see although the members pay the dues,  the Company really runs the Union.  Thank all Unions are not this bad.

My view.  Unions are very much needed.  Without them many jobs would be eliminated.  No overtime, vacation, retirement, medical and life insurance, no breaks, and many many other things we would be doing without.  You anti-union people  don’t realize you benefit from unions also.  If the unions did not win these concessions, do you think you would be enjoying the higher wages, and benefits, you have.  NO!  How many of your children have benefited from the the things unions fought and sacrificed for.

Just think how our quality of life rose during unions haydays.  The fifties, and sixties.  Were great for the people.  IBM,  known as a great place to work,  A friend of mine who worked his way up from a floor laborer, to a Vice Presidential,  position explained the reason for IBM’s success as a great work place, was managements recognization of union negotions.  He told me they would offer the same benefits, and sometimes a step better to keep there people and not have any breaks due to strikes, etc.

Things were going great.  Then Reagan, a former Union President, became President of the United Stats.  You remember him as the Great Union Breaker.    After he broke the air controllers union,  Unions began losing strength.   I wonder if he would have approved of his own actions if  the government had tried to break his union at the time he was prsident of  his Union.  Then we had Clinton as President of the United States,  he was also a Union Breaker, only more deadly.  He said.  I have a great idea.  If you don’t like unions in your company take the jobs to foreign countries.  Code name,  (NAFTA).

What does this do with our legislators not meeting and staying out of their state?  When you lack numbers to win a battle you have to look at alternatives.  Boycotting has always been a very effective way of combat.  Provided you can secure the numbers to be effective.  As is see it this is the only weapon these legislators have at their disposal to do what their constituents ask of them.

As for the UNION members.  Members must also take into the state of the country, it’s economy, and the effects of NAFTA.  when they go to the bargaining table.  Use some common sense in what they are asking for.

Unions are good for America.

That Is How I See It.

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  1. kristawalton413

    2011/03/01 at 23:09

    Is it better to be an Unemployed Winner or an employed loser? I guess that depends on if you are Charlie Sheen or not.

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