Layoffs Rarer With High Unemployment

I just had to pass this tidbit on to you.  I found this headline quite amusing.

“Layoffs become rarer even with unemployment high”

Really?  No Duh!  Here we have nearly 14 million people out of work.  Companies (in general)  have already lain off the majority of their workers, or have let them go due to facility closings. Doesn’t it make sense?  Less people employed equals less people to lay off?

I look at it this way.  I have a 5o employees .  Business keeps dropping off each month  I am forced to lay off 20% of the my employees,  after 4 months  I have lain off 80% of my 80% of my faithful employees.  On the 5th month I realize, I am about out of employees.  I only have 20% left.  Assuming,, I now have the bare minimum I need.  Each employee will have to do more, for me  to stay in business.  I can’t afford to eliminate anyone any longer.  What do I do.  I do all I can to maintain status quo.  Instead  I do my best to keep my minimum employees.  If business does not pick up I may have to let an employee or two go.  However I  I may need them if the economy corrects itself.  Now my remaining face   a RARER, chance of  layoff.

It just seemed to be an unusual headline.  Stating the obvious,   Less workers has to equal less layoffs, or you are out of business.

That Is How I See It.

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