BYU and Star Center

Brigham Young University has suspended their star center for the remainder of the year.  Reason: Violation of the schools  honor code.  The violation was having pre-marital sex.  How did they find out??

BYU was ranked number 3 in the nation.  A real contender for the NCAA title.  It had to be a hard decision to make.  But, one that shows the integrity of the sports program at BYU.  Many a college would have either said nothing, or said they were looking into the allegations, (which would have at least taken them to the end of their march for the NCAA title, or maybe put a 2 or 3 game suspension in place.  Another action, as has been used by other schools would be to move the suspension to next years exhibition season.

The 6 foot 9 inch Sophomore,  Brandon Davies was averaging 11.1 ppg, and leading the team in rebounds, with 6.2 per game.  He has learned, and the the whole BYU campus has learned the Honor Code is for all students, even the school stars will be held to the same standards as the rest of the student population.

Brandon Davies will be a better man for this action by BYU.  Hopefully he will reflect and realize RULES ARE RULES.  He will have time to come to terms with his actions, and decide if he wants to play at BYU next year.  I for one think he will be back.  Lesson learned, and work to be an even  better player next year.  I’m sure the hardest thing for Brandon Davies is the fact he let his teammates, his fellow students, and his school down

I believe there are other schools who would have done the same thing.  But I suspect there are more who would have tried to work a way around it, at least until after the NCAA Tournament.

At this point I would like to insert.  After Purdue lost Robbie Hummel for the year, many fans and the media wrote the Boilermakers off as a contender,  PU did not roll over and die.  They retooled and look at the season they have had.  Possibly a ONE seed, depending on how they close their season.  Can BYU  do this?  Time will tell.

Brandon next year is a new chapter,  you can still have a chance to lead your team.

Kudos to BYU for upholding your ideals.

Good Luck to both BYU, an Brandon Davies

That Is How I See It.

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