St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick’s Day.  A day we celebrate with parades, shamrocks, and green beer.  But who was St. Patrick, and why do we celebrate a day with his name.

St. Patrick a, Christian leader, is revered by Roman Catholics, Eastern Orthodoxy,  Lutheran Church, and the  Anglican Communion.

Patrick, the only name I could find, was born in the year 385 at Banna Venta Berniae. of Roman Britain,  and died March 17, 461 age 75 or 76 depending on month of birth. (There are some who believe his death was in 493.) The son of a  high ranking Roman family.    Around his 16th year he was captured by marauders, and sold into slavery as a shepherd for an Irish Chief, from Antrim,  (a country in N.E Ireland).   While tending these flocks he would pray to God as many as one hundred times a day. It was in those six years young Patrick learned the Celtic language .  His master ,Milchu, was also a high druid.  Thus Patrick learned of the primeval Irish religions.  He fled to Tours (a city in Western France).

While at Tours, Patrick became a missionary and later was dispatched to Britain to combat wrongful teachings of Pelagius, (an English monk whose teachings opposed those of St Augustine).

Although  St. Patrick is accredited with ridding Ireland of snakes, evidence supports the theory after the Ice Age, Ireland never had snakes.  It is suggested the “snakes” referred the serpent symbolism of the Druids.

The shamrock, you see in so many St. Patricks Day was used by him while explaining the Holy Trinity.

St Patricks Day parades was started by the American-Irish who celebrated the saint’s feast day by marching through the streets of New York in 1792.  Although Chicago is host to the most famous St. Patrick’s Day celebration.

Kiss me I’m Irish.  Some enterprising person came up with this idea, because of the Blarney Stone of Irish legend.  Supposedly kissing the Blarney Stone, (A stone built into the Blarney Castle; which one has to lean out on a ledge look up and kiss), brings one the gift of gab.  The thinking was….If you can’t kiss the stone, then kiss an Irishman.

When drinking your “green beer” say “slainte!  (Pronounced slancha).  Irish version of  “cheers.” Slainte means health.

Again, we have here a holiday no self respecting atheist can celebrate without being a hypocrite.  Too Bad.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

That Is How I See It.


    1. I don’t recall any mention of Four Leaf Clovers, nor any mention of luck good or bad. But thanks for the Happy St. Patrick’s Day wish

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