Driving Lessons Anyone

I’m not sure if it is just in the Midwest, or all over the United States, but there is a lot of people driving that need to learn to drive.  Especially those driving GM products.  After many years driving all over the Midwest, I have come to fear people driving GMs.  Don’t get me wrong there are some who drive Ford, Chrysler, Toyota, etc. that do the same things.  Just seems more prone to GM drivers.   I am so wary of them I pay real close attention to them, and take extra precautions.

Things I have noticed.   1. I sit behind them at stop lights,  because they refuse to advance to the middle of the intersection so they can proceed when it clears.  Sometimes they just sit through a turn light.  2, When approaching a 4 way stop they tend to either not stop, or my favorite, follow the car ahead of them through.  3. I usually travel about 4-5 miles over the speed limit, but they pass me like I’m going in reverse.  Then, as with all makes you are going to have the pokeys that run about 10 mph below the speed limit, then speed up if you try to pass, or come to a passing zone. 4. Parking lots.  They take up at least 2 spaces, sometimes more.  I have a friend who drove Chrysler products.  He usually put about 60,00 miles a year on his car. A pretty good driver.  Last year, for some reason he bought a Chevrolet.  Now I am afraid to ride with him.  He hugs the dividing line, and YES he now takes up 2 spots in parking lots.  COINCIDENCE????

I’m not saying this true with all GM drivers, just the majority I see in the Midwest.

That Is How I see It.

It just seems like GM people (in the Midwest) do not think the rules of the road apply to them.

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