Tattoos .  I just don’t get it.

I realize lot of you have tattoos.  I also realize there is a long history of tattoos.  Usually tattoos are a ritual of certain tribes.  There is also the story of sailors getting tattoos when they cross the prime meridian.  This one I get.

Tattoos are permanent.  (Not so much now as it once was).   I know people who get them when they are young and regret them when they are older.  They try to have them altered, because they are not relative to their adult lives.  I know people who have actually had them removed.  (I don’t know which is more painful.  Getting a Tattoo or having it removed.  I am told both are painful).

According to the United States Food and Drug  Administration.   The inks and pigments used in tattoos can cause allergic reactions, infections and scarring.

A friend of mine had an “8” tattooed on his bicep, to honor Dale Earnhardt Jr.  He was really worried when Jr. left the 8 car.  Luckily Jr. was able to get 88,  and  he was just able to add an 8.  What happens if Jr.  ends up in, lets say 57 at some time in his career.  Now what.

Another friend had his girlfriends name on his forearm.  One day she tried to kill him.  He was in the hospital quite a long time.  She went to jail.  He never saw her again.  But when he started dating again.  The name on his forearm kept girls away.  (He eventually had it removed at, for him was a huge expense).  But now he is happily married, and we never mention his tattoo.  No he would not put his wife’s name on his body.

Women…. I know you think they are an adornment.  But as you age…well it is a wait and see.  I see what would be very attractive women, if not for the alteration of their skin.  To me that is just a big turn off.  I’m not talking about a little butterfly on your ankle or somewhere.  I can handle that.  What I am talking about is the large tattoos, or many tattoos.

Tattoos can also lead to you not getting a job, or at least a job you would prefer.  A prospective employer may look at you and see the tattoo, not the real you.  People who do not have tattoos tend to not trust anyone with a tattoo.

Well like I have stated before, this is a place for me to put my opinions.  I respect your right to do with your bodies what you want.   But to me TATTOOS are TABOO.

That Is How I See It.


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