Today we will see who advances to the NCAA Championship Game for 2011.

We have Kentucky.  A pretty good team.  They execute well and are well coached.  BUT.  I still have a mistrust issue with the Kentucky coach.  After all he has more NCAA infractions in his history than all the other 3 coaches combined.  To be fair I wish the them the best.  Boys do it for yourselves ,the team, the school the conference the State of Kentucky.  I just would find it hard to play for a coach with his record of infractions.

VCU.  What can I say?  I really know less about them  than any team in the FINAL FOUR.  congratulations VCU you have performed admirably.  I understand your coach is young (30 ish).  But he seems to have set a good work example, for you to follow.  He appears to be a good strategist.  I have heard no bad things about him or from him.  He will put the game in your hands.  Listen to him.

Connecticut.  Great team.  Great season.  I don’t recall too many bad things about your coach, or any of the players.  Teamwork will go a long way down this final stretch.  I apologize I don’ t know much about your team other than what I have stated.  I could give you an excuse.  But, I feel there is no excuse if you don’t prepare.  And that is where I failed you on this report.  (My excuse would be didn’t have time to look at your program)  This is true.  But I should have taken the time.  Please accept my apology.  You however have had time to prepare.  Good Luck.

Butler.  I have had friends and acquaintances, even relatives attend Butler going back to the 1950’s.  I was lucky enough to attend one of your home games last year.  Outstanding.  You have been here before, in fact only one year ago.  Many fans wrote you off after losing your “STAR” player.  This year you have proven you are all STARS.  Matt Howard, Mr. Clutch.  Stay the course.  Stays calm I would have to call him a great leader of his team.  But I believe he is a believer in TEAM, he realizes the Bulldogs would not be there if not for the TEAMWORK they display.  Brad Stevens.  30 + but strategy is his game.  He knows whatever he asks the TEAM will knock themselves out to do.  Sets a good example for his team.

All that said here are my picks.

Kentucky and Uconn.  Close game.  (Maybe)  Kentucky will either run away and hide for the win.  Or  we will see Uconn put a clamp on them to keep the game close.  If UCONN keeps it close I think they will have a chance to win.  Kentucky just doesn’t perform as well in a tight game.   I predict Kentucky the winner.

Butler and VCU.  Should prove to be the game to watch.  Both young coaches, strategists.  VCU (who would normally be a 16 seed and not an 11 seed.)  Only an oversight by the NCAA cast you as an 11 seed.  I think probably depriving the College fans of a 16 vs 1 upset.  Which everyone would like to see.  But seeding doesn’t matter.  It is just a starting place.  What you do from there is all that counts.   Ask the number 1 seeds this year.  A lot of heart is what you have.  Butler EXPERIENCE the best teacher.  You have that experience.  Now you have to show what you learned.

I believe experience will win out on this one.  (I may be just a little prejudiced by my previous stated connections. They all say Butler will be NCAA champs for 2011).  But my pick is Butler based solely on the experience side.  The only thing that will stop them is if VCU can run off a huge run and hang onto a big lead.  Close game Butler all the way.

Championship  game.  Kentucky Vs Butler.  The second year in a row for Butler to advance to the Championship game.  Can they pull it off.  One thing else you have here is the Indiana/Kentucky feud.  There will be a little more tension in the air for this game.  My pick,,,,,,,,,Drum Roll Please!!!!


BUTLER. Again I am betting on EXPERIENCE.

Good Luck to all teams.  (it still takes some luck to win the championship)

That Is How I See It,


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