Multi Level Marketing

Multi Level Marketing, pyramid scheme, whatever you want to call it.  Only the people at the top make any money.

These schemes vary in structure,  but  only slightly.  I am not saying that you cannot reach the upper levels.  It generally depends on how good you are at USING  other people to your own ends.

One scheme I refused to get into was “AMY”  (not their real name).  One reason was the fact that I needed a job. Being a single parent.  I asked if this was “AMY”.  No was their reply.  I went for their interview/presentation.  Guess what it was “AMY” .  I knew of  “AMY” through relatives who had fell into their hype.  They told me the company was so saturated with agents, the only sales they could make was to themselves.

Another company.  I did get involved with  actually had and still does have a great product.  A product I still believe in, and use.   The trouble with this company was that they were so behind in technology, and sales methods, it made it almost impossible to sell the product.  The rules they had were archaic.  They even wanted to reprimand me for an article that appeared in our local newspaper,  and on the papers website.  (I had no contact with the paper.  My name was listed as an agent).  We had a plan for businesses to offer as a benefit to their employees.  A member of our local group talked to a representative of the paper (indirectly) about this plan.  The paper was so impressed (although they were turned down by upper management, from accepting our offer), one of the reporters wrote a story about our product.  Good way to get out the word in an area that had not heard of it.  Right?  Not according to the corporate offices.  I was told to take down the posting.  Which I could not, as it was not my website.  In a word I was told that I could not talk to anyone about the product.  Just sell it.  Doesn’t make much sense does it.  Our team had sold more of the product than anyone in our area.

How you make it to the top.  Not by selling the product.  By getting more people selling it.  If you had about 1000 people selling under you, it would be possible to make money.

The company made their money, by requiring you to Pay for a website they owned.  (I could build my own website, and cost a lot less).  They had a customer service group which you had to pay for, that would help you retain your customers,  But to my knowledge did nothing to help.  Old customers that I had lost told me they were never contacted.  They were to handle all questions, and assist clients in the use of the product.  You had to BUY all  sales brochures, contracts, etc from them.  You could only use Business cards they made, at an inflated price.  You were also responsible to buy any promotional items from them.  You were expected to attend their monthly and semi-annual pep talks. Which you also had to pay to attend.

Like I said this last one was and is a great product I would recommend it to all of you.  But since I cannot talk about it.  I guess I can’t tell you what it is.

Multi Marketing, Pyramid schemes.  I only know of one person who made any money.  He did it by accident.  He was in his Senior year at college and signed on to work with this company. (NOT the one I was just talking about)  to get his parents off his back, not helping himself earn spending money.  It had something to do with retirement plans.  He was sitting in a bar. A fellow sat down beside him and they began to talk.  He told him what he was doing and the company. (They also had a great product, but it was also a pyramid scheme.  The fellow happened to be an executive with a large corporation that was looking at building a new factory in the area.  A couple of days later the fellow contacted him and wanted a presentation to be made in front of the Company Board.  Not knowing much about his new job he contacted his upper line.  A High up in the pyramid went with him and gave the presentation.  He landed the account.  He Got about $1 million dollars for landing the account,  and as far as I know he is still getting around $250,000.00 a year in residual income.  He went on to be a teacher like his parents.

Beware Pyramid/Multi Marketing schemes.

That Is How I See It.



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