Tribute To Mr. Feist

This is a tribute to best buddy, Mr. Feist

In 1994 a friend brought me the ugliest kitten you could ever imagine.  I was told it was a girl.  When I took her to the vet, I was told she was a he.

He got his name because he liked to play and aggravate me.

We didn’t have much of a relationship until he was nearing his first birthday.  He had been outside and when I got home from work, he came up to the back door,  limping.  I picked him up and noticed his leg was injured.  I took him to the vet.  He had a broken leg, so badly crushed the vet suspected he had been hit by a car.  The vet kept him for a couple of days.  When I picked him up he had a splint that went from his paw to just above his back. He was practically helpless.

Mr. Feist was determined.  he managed to take care of himself while I was at work.  But, I noticed him wanting to be closer to me.  Yes I gave in he sat on my lap, or desk while I tried to get my part time job handled.  It wasn’t long until we formed a bond.  He started to sleep at the foot of my bed.  Wherever I went he was there.  I rarely was able to get out of his sight when at home.  This continued after he healed.

I remember one day we had a surprise snow storm while I was at work.  He had slipped out as I was leaving for work.  I knew he could get into the garage, and would have shelter.  It was after dark when I got home.  I searched and called for him.  Finally my neighbor who disliked cats, called to me.  He ask me to come in, he had let Mr. Feist in and gave him some warm milk,  I was surprised when he led me to his bedroom to find Mr. Feist curled up in the middle of his bed, asleep.  He told me anytime I needed to go somewhere Mr. Feist was welcome to stay there.  They even bought him a little dish and let him sleep in their guest room.

The strange thing is Mr. Feist loved to watch TV.  Mostly he watched sports with me.  occasionally he would watch a movie.  I recall a time I was watching a Basketball game, along with him.  For some reason I switched channels.  Mr. Feist turned around and gave me a look of daggers, as if to say, “What are you doing?”  “I was watching that game?”

One thing he did not like was Blue Jays.  I heard him making a ruckus and looked out and he was being attacked by one.  After that he was very cautious when he went outside.

I moved one day.  Mr. Feist and I had been there about one week, when he disappeared.  I hunted and called for him.  Couldn’t find him.  All sort of things crossed my mind.  We now had a small stream running through our backyard.  Did he fall in?  Did he get hit while exploring his new surroundings?  Had he tried to go to the old house.  I couldn’t find him anywhere.  I continued the search when I woke up, and when I got home from work.  My dart league was that night.  When I got home about 11 pm. I heard a very weak meow.  I started calling and looking.  Finally I found him in a cistern.  I climbed in to rescue,.

We spent many hours together playing, watching TV, and doing my part time job.  Mr. Feist always wore a bell.  He lost it one day.  He was so depressed for about a month, until I replaced it.

Mr. Feist and I had been together about 14 years, when he developed a cancerous tumor.  I nursed him for about 6 months.  Then the Vet said he would need to be  put to sleep.  It was a hard decision.  He was racing me up the stairs that day, and seemed to feel OK.  But the Doc thought he would not make it through the week,  as his medicine wasn’t working any longer.  He said Mr. Feist was having himself a final good day.  So after 14 years of close companionship we parted

Exactly one year to the date, of his death.  I was awakened by the tinkle of his bell.

That is my BFF Mr. Feist

fully manned Mr. Feist July 1994-Sept 2008



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