Mac Vs PC

Have you ever noticed in movies, and TV shows you usually see the actors using Apple Computers?  I know there are two factions here PC Users, and Mac Users.  I have never had a Mac, and never saw a need for one.  My PC does everything I need to do, and at a lower cost. So, I have no experience with Macs.

What I do have is the fact I don’t even know anyone who owns a Mac.  I haven’t even seen any in our area for sale.  Not even in the big box stores.  Maybe it is just a regional thing.  Perhaps there are pockets where this trend is reversed.

So, why does it seem in the make believe world of TV and Movies, everyone owns a Mac?  Product Placement.  Companies pay to have their products displayed in this make believe world.  I have no numbers of units sold or used, for either product.  (Sold does not always equal Used).  Thus X units sold is a moot point.

Nothing against you Mac users.  Computer choice is a Personal Choice.

That Is How I See It,

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