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As you may recall, in a previous post “Dying Cities/ Towns”, (posted February 2, 2011),  I was telling how a once busy city is now dying.  Now from the same area, I have received word of  more government waste that contributes to the fall.

It is in the state mentioned in  April 15, 2011 post titled, “Property Tax Capped/ Raise Rates.  This once bustling city, has fell on hard times with the loss of most of it’s major employers.  But the latest DUMB thing.

Are you ready for this.  The local primary election is coming up in May. Actually I think it being held today.   As I, most likely,  told you this county is primarily Republican, and will blindly vote for anyone who is Republican, with few exceptions.  (As I have stated in other posts I am neither Republican, nor Democrat.  I do not see any place for politics in government).  In case there are a few people who do not know the purpose of a primary election, it provides all Republicans to vote for who will run on the Republican ticket in the fall, for the various offices.  It also allows the Democrats, the same opportunity.  Those of us who affiliate with no party are left with whoever they pick.

Guess what.  All candidates of both parties, are running against NO ONEUncontested.  HOWEVER, the county is going to spend about $20,ooo.oo to hold this unnecessary election.  WHY!  The county does not want anyone to feel they did not have a chance to vote for their favorite candidate.  LOL.  Perhaps it is just me.  Maybe I am the dumb one, (most likely),  but does anyone see anything being accomplished for this $20,000.oo?  I’ll bet they have a big turn out. Don’t you?  Oh well it is just $20,000.oo,  I’m sure they could not find a better use for that drop in the bucket.

BREAKING NEWS. It appears in the election mentioned they had a 5.57 % turnout to vote for their favorite, unopposed candidate. Which according to my calculations cost the taxpayers $39 a vote.  But at least those 517 people got to vote.

That Is How I See It.   

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