Is Bin Laden Dead?

I wonder if Bin Laden is really dead.  Or has he been dead for sometime?

several years ago psychic Sylvia declared “Bin Laden is dead”.  Now Obama says Osama is dead.  Which is right.

For you conspiracists  out there.  Doesn’t it make you wonder?  We know that these leaders like Bin Laden, Castro, and Hussein all have doubles out there.

Scenario 1:

We all know Obama needs a boost right now.  What if Obama said to Osama I need a big boost right now.  I know you are tired of running.  Let’s do this.  I will send a group of my military in, we kill one of your doubles, dispose of the body rapidly so no one will be able to get any proof positive it isn’t you.  Osama says, sounds like a win -win situation to me.  Let’s do it.

Scenario 2.

Sylvia Browne was right.  Osama has been dead for some time.  Obama repeats the same as in scenario 1, but with one of the current leaders.  They say OK it will help you fool the people of the free world into thinking you did something.   OUTCOME.  The same.

I think  (I admit I know little about their religion) the Muslims believe people are to be buried in a 24 hour frame after death.  So why the rush to bury him at sea.  Where he can not be dug up and DNA tests, and other tests made. That is my question.  No real proof it was Bin Laden.

I hear they did a DNA test that matched his sister’s DNA.  BUT if they had hers could not they have used hers, or another close relative to make matching DNA’s?

I think there had to be a body to fool the soldiers.  BUT.  Was it the real Bin Laden?

Maybe it was.

How will we ever know?

That Is How I See It.



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