Silly NCAA Rule

Why does the NCAA make silly rules?  For now let us discuss just this one.  For our reference let’s just call it the Indian rule.

The NCAA says TRADITION has no say in the INDIAN rule.  It is supposedly spurred by the Native American Indians who consider it an insult for a school to have an Indian name or mascot.  The rule denies any school with any connection to an Indian name can not host an NCAA tournament.  What about the IRISH (Notre Dame).  Quakers, (University of Pennsylvania).

Indian, Irish, or Quaker, they all have the same complaint.  The Universities are using their names, and not all students attending are Indian, Irish, or for all I know Quakers.

The names were picked out of RESPECT for the particular TRIBES native to that part of the country.  Not disrespect.   How many of these tribes would be known of , had it not been for the schools picking their name and spreading it all over the continent.  I know there are a lot I would have never heard of; if not for the college connection.  They spread the goodwill of these NATIVE Americans where ever they go.  I can not recall any  school doing anything to bring shame to the particular tribe.  CAN YOU?

Come on NCAA get into the real world.  Unless a school has blemished the tribal name, let them host tournaments.

We all know how the Native American helped our forefathers.  We all know how our forefathers stole their land, and lifestyle.  But the schools have chosen the name out of RESPECT.  For all the things the Native American stood for.

I hereby grant you, the NCAA permission to use my tribal name Lawrence, for a school nickname.

That Is How I See It.

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