I just read in USA Today an article which states our United States Supreme Court by a vote of 8 to 1 voted to support WARRANTLESS ENTRY.

Essentially, from what I understand, the 8 justices voted to leave it up to the individual POLICE , THE PEOPLE, no claim to the 4th Amendment.   We all know what that means.

Now I can’t say about all Law Enforcement Officers,  in the area I live our Police feel they are above the law, as it is.  This disturbing ruling just gives them more power they aren’t equipped to handle.  How many times have we recently read where our people sworn to “SERVE and PROTECT”  have overstepped their boundaries, and above the law.  I can’t tell you how many have been caught and punished.  But more have not been caught.  I have seen them make arrests for underage drinking, confiscating the beverages, the late saw them selling to underage drinkers from the trunk of their cruiser.  I know of one Chief of Police who became a cop because he was arrested in Florida for drugs.  His father just happened to be mayor of his home town and convinced the Florida Police his son was a member of our local police force and was working undercover.  When he came back he was on the police force.

We all know of his continued involvement in drugs, but are helpless to  do anything about it.  A member of our County Sheriff’s department was investigating him.  He was STRONGLY advised to “back off”.  Our county commissioners are pretty much in the same boat.  When I asked them about it I was told this.  “If we act, we cannot be sure that our children or other family members may not be arrested for drugs.  He has a reputation of planting drugs, on innocent people.  Or in their vehicles or homes.

Only Ruth Bader Ginsburg voted against this action stating the it was an affront to our constitutional 4th Ammendment Right.

That Is How I See It.







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