Dancing With The Stars

I usually don’t watch this show.  It’s just not my type of entertainment.

But I love Kirstie Alley.  I think many people do, and that is why she is still dancing.

Kirstie Louise Alley.  The tall (5 foot 8 inch) high school cheerleader from Kansas.  Who wanted to be an interior designer. Some will remember her from the sitcom Cheers, as Rebecca Howe. A role that won her 3 Emmy Award nominations, and finally a much deserved EMMY AWARD. as well as being a GOLDEN GLOBE AWARD winner. Others may remember her as Vulcan Lt. Saavik, (Star Trek II: Wrath of Kahn).  Or who can forget Mikey’s single mother Molly, in Look Who’s Talking.

Yes, Kirstie is a very talented person.  But a dancer?  Sorry,  She is as good a dancer as I am, and that isn’t saying much.

So what is her secret to staying alive on the TV show.  PERSONALITY! Even with all her success she still exudes that girl next door aura.  The everyday person, maybe a neighbor, or relative, whatever, she still retains that  approachableness (?)  Is that really a word?  It should be.   No matter you all know what I am saying.

So if not her dancing ability, what keeps her on the show, other than the above mentioned traits, which will definitely get her the audience vote.  But how about the judges and producers, and other involved in the decision.  MARKETABLILITY! If Kirstie were to get the axe, HOWE, (a feeble attempt on word play here, forgive me), many of you would tune out Dancing  With The Stars.  I know I would.  After all I have already told you I don’t particularly care for the show in the first place.

Thus we must discern, her secret is PERSONALITY, and MARKETABILITY. Keep dancing Kirstie.

That Is How I See It.

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