Illegal Aliens Protest, But Not Deported

I admit I am getting farther behind the NEWS, than I would prefer.  There is just so much happening right now that I can’t keep up.  Just remember I am not a professional writer, and know little of the art of writing, I do not have at my disposal all the tools the professional has.  This is just a way to get things off my chest.

So here I go again.

Dateline Indianapolis Indiana.

Undocumented (ILLEGAL) students, slipped into Governor Mitch Daniels office to protest SB 590 (I think it is), which would penalize businesses who hire illegal immigrants.  Also HB 1402 which would deny lowered in state tuition rates for undocumented aliens.

One of the Illegal aliens said she could afford the $8,00.oo tuition. (Good for her, I can’t), but felt she would not be able to continue her education if she had to pay the usual out of state tuition.  Also SB 590 could prevent her from obtaining gainful employment upon graduation.  (I can’t find gainful employment either).

However these law breakers will not be deported, as they should be.  Why?

According to Immigration and Custom agents.  “It isn’t the best use of our agencies resources”.

You can form your own conclusion.  I have stated mine.

That Is How I See It.





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