Is Autopen Signature What We Voted For?

Recently our Senators, and Representatives voted to extend  the INTRUSIVE Patriot Act.  Doesn’t this “Patriot Act need a little scrutiny.  Is it really necessary to give the government all the police power it now maintains?  It’s “intent’ was to give the government the ability to seek out terrorists,  But how do we “The People”  know it isn’t being used to monitor the law abiding average citizen.  We DON’T.

But, what this post is about is the fact that our President Obama, was once again traveling/vacationing.  Has anyone else been able to vacation as much as he does?  Other Presidents traveled but mostly for our Country’s business.  Most of Obama’s travel appear to me to be more vacation than business.  An important issue which affects the average citizen’s rights deserve the full attention of our elected leader.  But where is he?  Not in our country.

He could not even come home to SIGN this important bill.  Does this give him a sense of “I am not responsible for this bill”.  Instead of being here to sign the bill, it was signed with an AUTOPEN. Autopens are mechanical means of FORGERY.  They are usually used by politicians and others to sign letters to give them a more authentic look. The Autopen uses a real pen to “forge” / copy a persons signature.  So if you get a letter that in other days would have been signed by a secretary, or rubber stamp.  In other words the sole purpose is to fool people into thinking the politician or celebrity has taken the time to actually sign their name and give a more personal connection.

Definition of Forge:  To imitate (handwriting, a Signature, etc.) fraudulently; fabricate a forgery.

My question is this.  Is this forged signature CONSTITUTIONALLY acceptable?

Does our President take his obligation to “WE THE PEOPLE”  so lightly.

Let me know what you think.  Better yet let our Government know.

That Is How I See It


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