Coca-Cola 600

Another boring “race’ from NASCAR.  I appreciate the concept of 600 miles to test the endurance of both car and driver, BUT that was about the highlight of this race.  Which with all the cars having no personality, of their own, (rules require all cars look alike, and run same equipment), leave little to the test of car endurance.  Only a “freakish” part malfunction, usually will retire a car from the endurance end.

And YES sportsfans, NASCAR, had a rare chance to give Earnhardt Jr. a long awaited win. It amazes me how often they will try this.  Remember when all the drivers were being penalized for dropping a wheel below the yellow line and complete a pass?  Except for Jr.  There was clearly room for him to stay above the line, but he had all 4 wheels below it.  NASCAR ruled he was below to avoid an accident.  RIIGGHT!

This time Jr. had a lead and looked like he could win a race. BUT!  A crash which in any other circumstance would bring out the YELLOW,  NASCAR chose not to.  Why Jr. had a chance to win.  I realize his riding on his father’s name has launched him into the FANS FAVORITE.  I have nothing against him I kind of like him too.  He just hasn’t matured as a driver yet, but is well on his way.  I think getting away from Earnhardt Racing was a good move for him to try to step out of his Father’s shadow.  I’ve seen a lot of improvement this year.  His time will come.  He will “EARN..” his own wins.

I think if  you have a rule it should be interpreted the same with no regard as to whom it may affect.  Any how Jr. still did not get the win.  So considering the rule for the yellow flag is for safety purposes, why did NASCAR decide to put that aside for this instance.  One train of thought I had.  Asks, if they did throw the YELLOW, as they should have and would have in any other set of circumstances, in NASCAR’s defense.  I’m going pretty far out here for this defense.  How many cars would have been able to finish if there were another GREEN, WHITE, CHECKER.  We know that there were cars running short of gas.  So did NASCAR not throw the Yellow, in the interest of the fans seeing more cars finish?  Or to aid Jr.

That Is How I See It.

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