Drivers Beware In Gary Indiana

We all have believed Cops have had quotas for traffic stops.  After all they have to bring some money in to help pay their salaries.

Finally a City which is not ashamed to admit their police officers, have quotas.  they have not stated what the consequence is if you don’t meet the quota.  ” What is the quota?”  you ask.  The quota is at least one “1”  traffic arrest an hour.    Gary’s  Traffic Commander, mothy Tatum said this quota will remain in effect as long as he is “COMMANDER” .  His actual edict says 10 traffic arrests per officer assigned to his traffic division  per shift per day.  Good Luck holding your job Timothy.  I understand the prosecutors are already protesting your quota.  They can always decide to NOT PROSECUTE.  The voters probably will not appreciate your move.

I’m not sure one cop can write 1o citations a day.  I’m thinking what you are creating is an aura of  “I have to meet my quota, so I’ll write up this poor guy driving the old car.  He can’t afford to protest the stop, and pursue it in court”.    Or “I’ll stop this guy, he’s from out of our area, and will just pay the fine.”   Then, of course, there is the wealthy who will pay just because it is such a trifling amount it is not worth the time to go to court.  Kind of sounds like everyone could be a victim of this QUOTA.   I hope the traffic officers have enough pride in themselves to not make up violations to meet their quota.  Or that an unreasonable stop does not end with injury to the cop or citizen.

I know I will do my best to avoid Gary Indiana, and there goes my money I may have spent there.  After all I’m sure they don’t need my money in this haven of high employment, and economy.

It seems to me the “Quota” would be a valid defense, in court.  But I’m not a Lawyer, or Judge.

Hats off to Gary for admitting they have a traffic citation quota.  Most places would not.

That Is How I See It.

UPDATE: UPDATE: Just in. Gary Mayor Rudy Clay Says Quota’s are over.  Police Administration says never existed.   Don’t know if  Gary’s  Traffic Commander, Timothy Tatum, is still Commander

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