Indy Hot Wheels Jump

Probably receiving as much publicity as the RACE itself was the HOT WHEELS JUMP.

This was a blast from the past.  We all know Hot Wheels toy cars.  In fact I still have ONE,  only one left.  It is one my boys and I played with.  I guess I keep it for old times sake when my sons used to like my company, more than now.  Not that they don’t now, it is just that they have their families now too.

But the real memory evoked by the staging of the Hot Wheels Jump, is the fact that when I was a small child there was a touring group of “Hell Drivers”.  This group (the ones I remember were called the “Jack Kochman Hell Drivers”)  drove cars on 2 wheels around a 1 mile dirt oval.  They jumped cars, did a 360 degree spin. went over ever increasingly high ramps door handle to door handle.  And of course the slide for life.  A man would stand on the rear bumper of a convertible while others were preparing a ring of fire, which somehow they would forget turn the can upright and leave about a 5o foot long trail.  The fire was lit, the driver sped forward into the fire. the bumper rider would then step off the rear bumper and slide along the track and through the fire.

Now what does this have to do with the Hot Wheels Jump?  One of the acts in the show. I think it was called the “Plunge of Death”  was having a lady climb into a little cart,  atop a high, steep ramp.  When the lever was released, she would come plummeting down, at the end was a curl, which lifted her up in the air, did at least one somersault, (sometimes, more, sometimes only a half), and land .  To build the excitement and after stunt anticipation,  she would sometimes be rescued and carried to an ambulance, which after sometime she would emerge, and take her bow.

It was nice to see this old stunt revived.

Thank You Hot Wheels for a walk down memory lane.

That Is How I See It.

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