Cost Of Entertainment On Rise

I just read where Disney World  is increasing the price of a day pass.  Admittedly it may not be a big increase.  I really don’t know.  I once won a 3 day stay there, which included flying down, and back, with a  room and continental breakfast.  I told them to give it to someone who would go.  It would take about a $million to get to Florida.  Well I might go for $100,000.oo.  I was there once.   Drove 18 hours to get there,  After reaching our destination, I stayed 5 hours and came back home.  Worst place I have ever been.  Exception might have been Camp Eagle.  But that is another story.  It may just be in my blood.  My Dad went there to visit my Uncles who moved down there.  He hated it too.  My son went to college there one year.  He is a little more lenient than my Dad or me.  He will go there for a day or two to visit friends.

But back to the rise in costs for Disney World.  Now it  isn’t just Disney World,  it seems most amusement parks are raising their prices.  We all know sometimes a price increase has to come along.    As employee’s need raises, and employee benefit cost raise.   So I’m not really knocking them for the price increase.  However, when you think about the overall cost for someone like me to go as a family of four, it really is quite pricey.

Assume it is still the 1800 miles I traveled the last time.  (There wasn’t Interstates all the way, so went by U.S. Highways),  I think a good estimate for cars now is 26 mpg average.  So round trip of 3600 miles, figure gas cost now about $3.50 a gallon, equals about $485.oo.

Entry at $80.oo time 4 equals $320.oo. Now we are at $805.oo.  Even for me 1800 miles is too much for a one day trip.  Figure, driving the interstates, it is at least a 2 day drive.  Thus we end up with at least 10 meals each for the round trip.  Even eating at Burger King, we are looking at $200.oo for food, and that is not counting any drinks or snacks you have while on the road.  Two overnight stays at a motel, (one going, and one coming home), that’s at least another $300.oo.  I don’t know if Disney World charges to park there, I have been to some Amusement parks that do.  But most don’t.  So I’ll assume Disney doesn’t.   Now we are at $1300.oo  and just getting in the gate.  Assuming, (again), you and your children spend what we spent the last time I took my family, which was several years ago, on drinks and food and souvenirs we’ll ad another $100.oo.  Up to $1400.00 now.  And let’s face it how much are you really going to get to see or do in one day?

I know most of you are probably thinking WOW! that’s not bad.  I suppose not but after driving 12 hours a day, for 2 days to get there, and 12 hours, a day for 2 days to come home. (Let’s not forgetting listening to the children and wife all that time while trying to keep your mind on driving),  is it really worth it?  Again probably yes, just to see the kid’s having fun.

But for me that is more than I make each month.  AND I still have my house payment, utilities, food, auto expenses, etc. But don’t worry, even if I could afford it I wouldn’t go.  Disneyland in California would be another thing.

That Is How I See It.

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